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Do you need more room to expand your horizons?

Explore rural properties and communities in prime locations designed to grow and adapt to your lifestyle.
Do you need more room to expand your horizons? Learn More

Are you tired of HOA restrictions?

Find land that gives you back your freedom while protecting your investment.
Are you tired of HOA restrictions? Learn More

Need space to park your boat, RV... or mobile chicken coop?

Discover more space to play with minifarms, rec tracts and rural properties from 1-1000 acres.
Need space to park your boat, RV... or mobile chicken coop? Learn More

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Discover Modern Country Living, Simplified

If big city or suburban living has left you underwhelmed, unfulfilled or just plain bored you’re not alone.

The trend of trading urban life for country living has been on the rise for years…and it only increased during the pandemic. Forward-thinking individuals and families are eager to get back to basics and create healthier, happier and more purposeful lives. For many, this means breaking free of urban and suburban “norms” to establish a country home, minifarm or recreational space all their own. It also means having more freedom, time and space to live your best life, without sacrificing your day job, family time or modern conveniences.

What would this look like in an ideal world? Read on to learn more about Raydient Rural properties and communities, what makes us different and how we’ve modernized the land buying process.

Acreage range: up to 24 acres

If you crave a more peaceful life in the country with space to breathe and room to grow, our country homes and homesteading properties may be a perfect fit.

These smaller land parcels are set within larger residential communities with convenient access to big cities and small towns. This gives you the space and freedom to create your ideal country home oasis, hobby farm or homestead without having to quit your day job…or walk 5 miles to your nearest neighbor. Country home communities have been thoughtfully designed to blend in with the natural landscape while maintaining an upscale rural neighborhood feel.

Recreational Tracts
Acreage range: 24+ acres

These secluded properties offer complete privacy within a peaceful canopy setting. The forested land can be used for hunting, 4-wheeling, hiking, camping, mountain biking, shooting, foraging, horseback riding, raising timber, off-grid pursuits or building a cabin, outdoor retreat, hunting lodge…sky’s the limit. And yes, there’s plenty of space to park your RV and other recreational vehicles.

Properties include easy access, natural features, a clear title and survey, limited zoning restrictions and convenient access to nearby cities and towns.

Featured Rural Places

New To Buying Land?

We know first-time land buyers have a lot of questions, which is why we created Rethink:Rural, our land buyer education website. Read expert advice on every step of the process, from searching for the right property to tips on financing to creating the homestead or recreational site you're dreaming of once you buy the land. Browse the articles below or visit

Video series: the Rural rules
3 steps to buying rural land: download free e-book
3 steps to buying rural land
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