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Land for Sale in Liberty County, Texas

Embrace the freedom of country life in Liberty County, Texas, where you can customize your home and your way of life to be exactly how you want. Cross the Historic State Highway 3 Bridge at the Trinity River and you’ll find this gem of a county, where small town values and history are still part of modern life. With the remarkable beauty of Big Thicket National Preserve and Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, the county offers many places to enjoy the natural local landscape. The bottomland hardwood forest that encompasses the refuge is an excellent place to hunt and fish local wildlife, species you may never see within a city or on a television screen. Not far from Houston, Liberty County gives you the convenience of being close to a popular metropolis without the stress of living in a densely populated area. With two municipal airports and six major highways nearby, you have the freedom to go anywhere you like, anytime you want.

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