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Allen Parish
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  • Allen Parish
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Allen Parish, Louisiana

Cruise along the Ronald Reagan Highway in Southwest Louisiana and you’ll come to Allen Parish, the gateway to Cajun Country. Life might move a little slower than you’re used to here, but that doesn’t mean you’ll ever have to be bored. From wild game hunting at West Bay Game Reserve to canoeing the creeks and waterways that sprawl across the county, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty of nature within these county lines. Visit historical buildings that infuse the area with classic Southern architecture and style, or experience the best outdoor life in Louisiana has to offer in this quiet corner of Cajun country. When you’re ready to head to work or out for a day of shopping, it’s easy to hop on one of the many major roadways and get to a more metropolitan area, but don’t worry. Your personal slice of heaven in Cajun county will be waiting when you get back.

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