Raydient Rural Places

Looking for rural land to build your dream homestead or recreational retreat?  Raydient Places + Properties' Rural Places listings are the ideal choice.

What are Rural Places?

Your Land. Your Canvas. Your Legacy.

fencing on rural land

If you’re looking for land for sale where you can fast track your plans to build a homestead or recreational retreat, you're looking for Raydient Places + Properties’ Rural Places.

Rural Places are made up of rural land for sale which has special attributes, such as easy access, a convenient location, proximity to a city, a great school system or natural features that are especially attractive to rural land buyers. Once a property is chosen as a Rural Place, it undergoes special enhancements to make it easier for its future owner to turn it into a home or getaway.

The former commercial timberlands typically begin as large properties, in the 100s or even 1000s of acres. Our team does the legwork to break them into smaller, more-consumer-friendly lots. Additional enhancements may include:

  • A survey to ensure all boundaries are correct (normally, a buyer has to pay to have a survey done during the purchase process)
  • Title work to ensure the property has a clean title, which means no one else can claim to own the property
  • Some fencing and a gate at a suggested entrance point to the property
  • Markers on property corners
  • A tree thinning to make the lots look more attractive 
  • Appropriate environmental permitting
  • Non-invasive covenants for all properties within the Rural Place to ensure your land investment is protected
  • Road frontage improvements (mowing and / or mulching)
  • Culverts and driveways

    * Not all of these features will be represented on each property

Jason Shearer“If someone is looking for a turn-key property and wants to get their builder started right away, this is the way to go,” says Jason Shearer, who oversees Rural Places. “It’s hard to envision creating a legacy on a half-acre lot in a traditional development. However, Rural Places give you the opportunity to invest, create and connect to the land through your own hard work to make something uniquely yours. Something you would be proud to pass down to your children and grandchildren."

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