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Angelina County, Texas, is located in the East Texas pineywoods, where hickory and oak trees flourish, in addition to many species of pine. The beauty and natural abundance of the forestry and the wetlands around it also bring many species of plants, birds, reptiles and small animals to the area, making it a nature enthusiast’s dream. Hike through the lush green countryside, collect medicinal herbs or enjoy spotting rare birds without leaving your own property. When you’re living your rural dream on multiple acres, this kind of connection with the land and nature is possible. Legend has it that the county is named after a helpful Hasinai Indian girl who assisted new explorers navigating the area. Just as those explorers delighted in the natural beauty and wonder of the land, your family may just find a slice of heaven in this county named after a little angel.

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Liberty County, Texas
ID: 1812
Acres: +/- 57
Recreational  Residential
Liberty County, Texas
ID: 1814
Acres: +/- 53
Recreational  Residential

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