Are you interested in learning more about Raydient Places + Properties and our land?  Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your answer here, a member of the Raydient team will be happy to talk to you. Use this link to get in touch with us.

Is owner financing available?

Owner financing is not available, however there are several financial lenders in the regions where we own land. Read tips on financing a land purchase on our buyer education website,

Do you work with outside brokers?

Yes. Please give us a call to discuss how we can work with you. Location-specific phone numbers are available here.


Are there restrictions on the properties?

Many properties do not have restrictions, however there are basic restrictions on some of the Rural Places, which are properties that have undergone special enhancements; read more on the Rural Places Page.  These restrictions were created to protect your investment and to promote similar use of properties. For more details on a specific property’s restrictions, contact the broker that property is listed with.

What type of land is available for sale?

Our land is raw land. Most of it is wooded with pine trees and is suited for a variety of uses.

Can I build a house on the land?

You’ll need to discuss specific plans with the local zoning and building authorities to determine the final use of the specific property you're interested in. Our Rural Places have undergone special enhancements to make it easier for their future owners to turn them into a home or getaway. 

Can I just buy one or two acres of land?

There is a variety of property sizes. Please contact us or a member of our broker network to discuss what you are specifically interested in to determine if there is property available for your specific use.

Do the properties have utilities, such as water and septic?

The properties do not currently have utilities. All of our Rural Places and most other properties for sale are suitable for well and septic. Electricity would need to be connected through the nearest electric provider depending on location.


Can I get more specific information about the trees on the property I am interested in?

Yes, on properties greater than 20 acres, there is a timber map within the individual listing on this website.  We can provide additional information on request.  For properties less than 20 acres, please review the property description on the listing page for further details.

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